Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 4

We are 95% there. We are 5% away from having the partnership that I crave!!! She round pens beautifully now!! She always turns IN to me when I ask her to reverse, She NEVER shows me her bum. She has no fear of tarps, walks right up to me, I can walk right up to her.

She's way too smart and I know, with out question that she has to be 100% on board with me or we will never make it to our full potential!
As much as it would be easier for me to rush things and get all over her, I have to keep reminding myself that sometimes "you need to SLOW DOWN to speed up."
She is amazing and she continues to grow with me... here's a couple pics of my friends Hubby Standing with her!!


  1. Great Work, kiddo.
    Wish we had a close-up, but she may just not be ready for her close-up yet.
    When she starts to "strike a pose", i.e. Vogue, you'll be laughing!!

    Pretty & smart mare. Very smart Trainer.

  2. Looking good!!! I am glad you are pleased.

  3. Oh she looks like my Joy and sounds just as smart.

  4. Thank you for doing this blog! It sounds like you've got a great mare on your hands. I grew up in Nevada, and one of my childhood dreams is to adopt a mustang! Maybe one day...