Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's so true

So one thing that John Lyons believes in is that a horse should be more relaxed at the end of a lesson, than at the beginning. And it is so true!!! When working with Acacia that is my number one goal. I don't want her to be scared at all!!! And holy cow, she rarely is!
Last night was her first time with a saddle on. Did she care? No... Well she was curious and nervous, but she didn't rear, buck, strike, thrash, nothing! And THAT is the goal of every lesson! So here are some more pictures of Acacia being the brave little girl she is.

Oh and by the way... When she "loves" me, she shoves her muzzle in the crook of my neck, or rests her chin on my shoulder. Yeah and I love her right back!!


  1. She did FANTASTIC last night, she's a little trooper, and so curious about EVERYTHING! I so love that little girl and can't wait til June when you knock the socks off the competition!

  2. Oh man... looking at those muddy pictures makes me remember how much I hated spring the in PNW LOL

    Sounds like things are going great. Good for you and Acacia

  3. She's quite contented looking, isn't she?
    Hey, I'm a horse with a saddle on! This feels right!
    What a mare, what a great job!

    Wishing for sunshine for you, so we can see her better, through the blah gray background..

    Toronto is sunny, at least;)

  4. Do I sense a buyback in your future?

  5. She looks like a great little horse, and taking it all in her stride. Doing great! wish it was like this for every horse out there.

  6. When Craig Cameron, Pat Parelli and Josh Lyons did the trainer's challenge (remember that?), Josh won.

    At the end he had the opportunity for a speech and I thought it was very cleverly done.

    He said (and I'm not quoting perfectly, going on memory):

    'Well a lot has to do with the horse. Craig's horse started off easy and got harder, Pat's horse started hard and stayed that way and my horse started off hard and got easier.'

    Methinks the real delivery on that is a good trainer will take a horse and make it look easy.

    AND a good trainer is getting a message through so the horse may start confused but then gets easier because it understands the messages.

    Congrats on the saddling...did you roundpen her or just sack a bit and put it on?

  7. *cuddles Acacia* great progress- you're doing amazing job with this girl. You're gonna get a great horse at the end of this process... I'm so envious ...