Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Minor detail

Well, it's a minor setback. I have pneumonia and will be out for a few days... Be back soon.


  1. OMG, oh, take it easy..

    Blasted PNW weather, I did wonder about who would get colder, with the water post. Oh, dear.
    Warm dry thoughts for your lungs!

    Hugs and schlobbers, hon.
    Acacia won't forget you. How could she??

  2. Minor detail! You is tougher than 7 devils girl! Take good care of yourself and get well soon.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Take good care of yourself and get well soon!

  5. Are you getting better yet? Worried about you! Don't push yourself, Acacia will stay right where she is mentally, and the dwell time will just make her basics more solid. Sometimes slower is fastest!

  6. Right after I got Joy I was pretty sick as hot weather hit at the same time and I was totally nauseous from bad chemo rebound. I just went out for short trips and spent most of the time just sitting and talking to her. We were in dry Idaho and not wet Seattle though. I bet she will be so happy when you feel better.