Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So after falling into the round pen last week, I never realized how hurt I actually was, I'm still sore and so was my confidence... Last night to me, was a disaster, I let Acacia get the best of of me and didn't make her do what I really wanted...

Tonight, though, I was in charge. I round penned her and was my normal, stern, in control trainer self. I wasn't allowing her to skip a single BEAT! She knew it too. So I got on and was firm and used my "I MEAN IT" voice, not my "oh pretty please baby sweetie cakes voice." So she did well for a couple minutes and then I wanted her to trot like we have been for DAYS now and she wouldn't, so I had S&D encourage her from behind while I cued. Acacia starts chomping the bit and shaking her head a bit and I cue her again and so does S&D and off she goes in a trot. THEN little miss pissy pants decides to gallop again and I was like OMG, not again! And apparently that's what I said very loudly! LOL! I said "NO WAY NOT HAPPENING THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!" I was not going to come off. So I grabbed that right rein with every intent on breaking her neck and one reined stopped into the side of the round pen and yelled again "I'M BACK!!" Then I spun her around and make her walk on some more as if nothing happened.

Her lesson tonight was simply this, what I'm asking her to do is WAY easier than me punishing her. So again she got sassy again and refused to walk and OH BOY, in my growliest voice I said "YOU WALK ON NOW!!!!!!!!" And I gave her a nice kick to the side and had my reinforcer, S&D, behind her and man she walked on. I practiced turns on the hind end and neck reining tonight, I really made her think about what she had to do instead of just lolly gagging around the round pen. She didn't refuse to walk forward another time tonight LOL!

I feel as though I've treated her almost too much like a baby and always coddled her when she got scared, but it occurred to me last night, that I would NEVER have treated another training horse like that. I'm firm, down to business, and I love them unconditionally, but I make them work. She beat me in round one, but tonight I got the checkmate!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


HA! Poor little Acacia! I'm always adding more chaos to her life! She was tortured more today! This time with a tarp dragging behind her and a giant yellow ball!!!! She was terrified of the ball at first, but then it just became another one of our "normal" activities!! She took it well, like she does with all of the weird crap I put her through! She has to look at, sniff it and then she's OK.

Then we went into the arena and she was ponied around for a bit, then I got on and she did OK, but she was nervous. Too much area for now. All we have is time though, we'll go back to riding in the round pen until she's fully comfortable and then we'll go back to the arena. I have nothing but time is how I feel. Slow and steady wins her race!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I was feeling lazy today so I decided to take Acacia for a walk by ourselves up and down the roads, past the llamas, the horses, away from her home, by cars and dogs and all that fun jazz! She didn't even spook once! I figured the exercise would be good for both me and her to walk up and down the hills. She was fine. Funny things still spook her occasionally, but I've learned not to react anymore, I correct it and we move on :) Ahhhhh she's a great girl!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Busy!

So as always I've been slammed with lots to do and it never feels like a enough time :) So after my little spill I had one of my epiphanies on how I can 100% get her not afraid of something getting wrapped on her legs. Soooo I invented my own little leg desensitizing tool... "WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE IN STORES $19.95!!!!" Yeah right sorry... Anywho so I made some leg ties for her out of blue bailing twine and it worked like a CHARM! Then I started throwing other things at her like the tarp until she was as cool as cucumber!!! She is very amazing I took some videos and some pictures of my little gadgets and her working in the round pen! Here is her video

She's doing great and moving along so nicely it's almost hard to believe!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ground Work fun!!

So being as though I'm still in a bit of soreness from our little boo boo yesterday, I figured today was a good day for some ground work fun! With tarps, and barrels and whatever I could use to annoy her. Oh and a tiny little bridge... And then I combined a lot of it just to be super annoying... It was great she did amazing and they were good lessons. A lot of distractions yet she had to remain focused on her handler at ALL times... She did a tremendous job! And she is so beyond damn cute!!! She got an A+ for her efforts today.... Here is a few pics!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Epsom Salts

So today we were trotting in the round pen and she got a piece of blackberry vine stuck on her back leg. So she took off into a bucking canter and I took off into the side of the round pen and got a chunky, huge raspberry that covers my left side and then somehow I flipped over and landed on my right hip. I probably laid in the sand for a good 3-5 minutes and S&D was standing near me making sure I was OK. I was, well am, but my hip hurt so bad I couldn't even move. When I finally made my way up S&D made Acacia run some more and then I got back on and we did it again... She had to walk trot and be a good girl and she was so we quit, all while I was wincing in pain. BUT, that is the life of any horse trainer and rider. Bumps and bruises happen, you just have to count your blessings that they are minor, well, at least when nothings broken and no head injuries. I count mine every day! And especially when I break any horse I always make sure I sure I have someone there just in case... So, here's a pic of my raspberry, the camera is at a weird angle and yes, I'm in my jammies :)... Ugh, the minute I got home I was soaking in a tub full of Epsom salts and even now as I write this I have a bag of frozen peas on my side LMAO!!!!!!!


Acacia was great again tonight! Nothing too exciting! She is walking and trotting like gem. She gets the neck reining idea and moves off my legs so nicely sometimes I wonder if I've died and gone to heaven. BUT! Stupid things still distract her. Like I was riding tonight and quite a few people were standing around the round pen watching and a NEW person came up with a white bucket and that's all she could fixate on... It's time to get her out and about I'd say. Start taking her to some new places and do some ground work exercises with while keeping her focused on me... She's not spooky, just a looky loo and I'm not so sure that'll work out too well in Sacramento!! LMAO!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So it came to my attention late last night, that another trainer in the Seattle area, who is also in the challenge has gotten severely hurt by her mustang. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family! She's a good rider and trainer and does A LOT of good for the horse community up here.

So here is my PSA!!!!!

Anyone who would ever like to consider a mustang needs to understand that they are completely DIFFERENT from breaking and training a normal domesticated horse. These mustangs have been captured and penned for most of their lives with almost NO human contact... There is a world of difference in training a wild mustang and even an unruly young domesticated horse. You have to make a plan for these horses starting with 100% PERFECTED trust and ground training!!!! And always ALWAYS have someone with you. These animals have a very STRONG prey instinct and no matter how they trust you, if they think they're about to be dinner, they're out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And YES, It did occur to me that I hadn't been riding in a helmet and that is pretty damn dumb of me, so perhaps we'll get that changed from now on :) :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny Days

Ahhhhh the days have been beautiful here lately, the sun is shining and the air is nice... GREAT days for riding a wild mustang!!! Here are some more pics of her trotting her little precious heart out... She's such a great girl. Once you teach her something she's NAILED it. Like neck reining and turning on the hind quarters. WOW. So S&D and I went to the fair on Sat. and they have a bungee ride that shoots you way up there and I said NO WAY I wouldn't go on that and S&D replied "Yet you'll break a wild horse??" LMAO Yeah guess so...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trot Away

So we are able to ride on our own now and she has the directions, whoa, back all that good stuff down and now little A.K. (nickname) is a trotting lady!!! She did need some encouragement form S&D with a lunge whip, but she nailed IT! 4 days under saddle and moving along more than nicely!!! She's a machine and I guarantee she WILL be a force to be reckoned with!!!! I'm going to have to start begging for money soon just so I can buy her she'll be so good! LMAO!!!! ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More and More

Everyday she becomes more of a BADASS!!! Tonight she was round penned then I got on and S&D's hubby still had a hold of her, THANK GOD, because she hit the mounting block with her back legs and it was bronc fest, somehow I managed to stay on and the hubby was able to get her under control LOL! Then he unclipped her lead rope and we were off, BEAUTIFULLY! Both ways, turns, stops, is an amazing mare!!!! I'm so beyond pleased with her progress....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What A Day!!!!!!

Wow, so Acacia had one hell of day. It was beautiful outside so me and S&D, her husband and son took all of our horses, walking in hand, down to the trails and to the river. We had to go on the road, see llamas, a huge St. Bernard, past a rummage sale, and across a busy street. All the horses did amazing, but of course Acacia was awesome. No spooking, bucking, or freaking out.

Once we got to the trails we had to cross over railroad tracks, then into the woods. We stopped and had a little picnic and tied everyone up while we ate then we were off to the river. Once we got their S&D's hubby took his 2 and half year QH mare through the water and she went great! The he took Acacia down to the water and she walked RIGHT IN!! Splashed and even tried to walk down stream LOL. Then he used Ol faithful (Spurty) and ponied her across. She LOVED IT!!! And let me tell you I was one PROUD and happy Mama :):):):) Here are some videos too.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Girl

So tonight was our first ride where it was just me and her... Off the lead LOL! We started on the lead at first with S&D holding on and then she unclipped it and away we went! She goes great to the right, but she does not like turning her head to left. So I foresee a lot of lefting in our future!!! LMAO!! More pics to come soon!


Ride number 2 was just as good!! Not bad for having 2 weeks off due to pneumonia LOL!!! She's good, she's used to my legs on her and knows what it means to go forward, she is NOT crazy about the bit, but she's getting better!! She just doesn't quite understand the whole direct reining thing yet LOL!!! She's getting it though. Everyday she progresses faster and faster. So no worries with her!!!! I think I may have gotten lucky and received a gem of a mustang ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Ride

Oh what a weekend!! I got a new goat companion for my other goat to have a friend and Acacia is Broke! She was ridden for the first time tonight and you know she doesn't even care. She stops, turns and walks on all on voice and leg... She is a smart cookie!!!! No ear pinning or running or anything crazy she was fantastic.
I didn't get on her however until she was OK with the ground driving... I never would get on a horse without having them understand WHOA on the ground. So we ground drove for about 45 minutes and then I hopped on and she took it like a champ!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Mount

Today we mounted for the first time... Not a full sit, but a lean on the body at least a dozen times!! It was as usual a long process of getting her used to the bucket and me being taller than her and me putting my foot in the stirrup. And then it was just feeling right. Feeling like it was time to put weight in the stirrup and on her body WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn she is good too!!! Didn't even flinch!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Holy CRAP!!! Ground Driving was not her favorite task!!! LMFAO!!!! She HATED the feeling of the ropes around her legs and rump. Then she'd get going so much and spin around that the rope ended up under her tail! Then she was even angrier!! LOL!!! She finally settled down and we accomplished our mission, but holy smokes talk about a BRONC!!!! The key however is to NOT give up or get scared. Not until the goal is met and my goal was for her to just be settled and easy while ground driving. She aced it in the end... but boy it was questionable LOL!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Atta Girl...

Acacia is doing amazing as always and progressing so dang fast... she SHOULD be broke by the end of the week... High hopes? Maybe... but, she's an amazing partner and very willing. All of her ground work has been completed and she accepts the saddle and bridle and is just doing great. I jump up and down right next to her and put weight in the stirrups and lean on her and she could care less...
I wouldn't DREAM of starting her under saddle without ALL of her ground work complete and we're almost there. Tomorrow will be ground driving day :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So tonight I went out to see Acacia and I'm still tired and weak ugh! But, she did not regress much at all!! And that made me feel wonderful!! I was able to walk up to her and lead her and touch and the whole nine yards. PHEW!! She is a smart cookie!! Although today was an excellent test on how much she is OK with me as she spooked and got away from me and went to join the other horses and I had NO problems catching her, having her regroup and us going back to the routine!!!!

I'm so very proud of her!! I really have taken a liking to her and her great attitude!!!!!