Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So it came to my attention late last night, that another trainer in the Seattle area, who is also in the challenge has gotten severely hurt by her mustang. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family! She's a good rider and trainer and does A LOT of good for the horse community up here.

So here is my PSA!!!!!

Anyone who would ever like to consider a mustang needs to understand that they are completely DIFFERENT from breaking and training a normal domesticated horse. These mustangs have been captured and penned for most of their lives with almost NO human contact... There is a world of difference in training a wild mustang and even an unruly young domesticated horse. You have to make a plan for these horses starting with 100% PERFECTED trust and ground training!!!! And always ALWAYS have someone with you. These animals have a very STRONG prey instinct and no matter how they trust you, if they think they're about to be dinner, they're out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And YES, It did occur to me that I hadn't been riding in a helmet and that is pretty damn dumb of me, so perhaps we'll get that changed from now on :) :)


  1. Good girl:)

    Certainly not a bad idea.

    so sorry to hear about the other girl's injury.

  2. I've been acquainted with this young local woman who was badly injured on her mustang, as I've helped with her rescue a little. I met her pretty mare, her Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge, a couple weeks ago, and was held spellbound when she mounted her for what I believe was the second time. I held my breath, for here was this mustang, recently off the BLM. Like you said, these guys are so different than other breeds who are raised from their youth with a human touch. With mustangs, one needs to approach them with complete wonder, and never let one's guard down. Like you said, they are closer to feeling as if they are prey than our domestic breeds and they are always wary.
    One just never knows when things will go horribly wrong. The horse community here is so relieved that we still have our friend among us. My heart goes out to her each day as she recovers.
    Let's all be careful out there:)

  3. Glad to hear you'll be sporting a helmet. You just can't be careful enough.

    36 & Single

  4. My trainer always swears after she trains a mustang that she'll never do it again, just because they are so much different than your average thoroughbred or stock horse. Then of course she does, because if you do it right they are awesome little horses.