Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Ride

Oh what a weekend!! I got a new goat companion for my other goat to have a friend and Acacia is Broke! She was ridden for the first time tonight and you know she doesn't even care. She stops, turns and walks on all on voice and leg... She is a smart cookie!!!! No ear pinning or running or anything crazy she was fantastic.
I didn't get on her however until she was OK with the ground driving... I never would get on a horse without having them understand WHOA on the ground. So we ground drove for about 45 minutes and then I hopped on and she took it like a champ!


  1. I was told by my "trainer" to slow down and wait to ride Joy after I got her used to being saddled and bridled because I was really sick and Rose didn't want me to get hurt. She was going to "buck her out" first but then I heard Josh Groben's You Raise Me Up and decided I really wanted to be the first one to ride her. So I just got on and she went OK what's next? LOVE MUSTANGS

  2. What a wonderful weekend! I was hoping she'd be like that :) What a great little mare <3

  3. WhooHooo!

    Great news, great job, great TrainerX!!!!!

    Great Horse, of course:)

  4. Wow! That is great! This is great to follow along!

  5. I am so glad to have found your blog. I have a 3 year old that I just sent out for training. I have been working with her since she was born, and she has been great so far. I have been on her a few times, and cannot wait until she comes home.

    Sounds like things are going well with Acacia. I'll be following along.

  6. Our stories are a bit different but the tasks at hand are very similar. Although we rode "Litle Big Red" aka LBR before we bought him, we're starting over with ground work now that he's settled in to his new home. You can read his blog at .