Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What A Day!!!!!!

Wow, so Acacia had one hell of day. It was beautiful outside so me and S&D, her husband and son took all of our horses, walking in hand, down to the trails and to the river. We had to go on the road, see llamas, a huge St. Bernard, past a rummage sale, and across a busy street. All the horses did amazing, but of course Acacia was awesome. No spooking, bucking, or freaking out.

Once we got to the trails we had to cross over railroad tracks, then into the woods. We stopped and had a little picnic and tied everyone up while we ate then we were off to the river. Once we got their S&D's hubby took his 2 and half year QH mare through the water and she went great! The he took Acacia down to the water and she walked RIGHT IN!! Splashed and even tried to walk down stream LOL. Then he used Ol faithful (Spurty) and ponied her across. She LOVED IT!!! And let me tell you I was one PROUD and happy Mama :):):):) Here are some videos too.


  1. She's so calm about it all! It's amazing the progress you've made with her. Great job!

  2. Such a pretty mare she is:)

    Maybe she wants to become a synchro swimmer, or something..

  3. The video is AWESOME!
    I love this mare <3

  4. I have always dreamed of someday training a mustang, so I am really enjoying reading about your progress with Acacia. She has come along so quickly. That video of her splashing in the water was really cute.