Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Busy!

So as always I've been slammed with lots to do and it never feels like a enough time :) So after my little spill I had one of my epiphanies on how I can 100% get her not afraid of something getting wrapped on her legs. Soooo I invented my own little leg desensitizing tool... "WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE IN STORES $19.95!!!!" Yeah right sorry... Anywho so I made some leg ties for her out of blue bailing twine and it worked like a CHARM! Then I started throwing other things at her like the tarp until she was as cool as cucumber!!! She is very amazing I took some videos and some pictures of my little gadgets and her working in the round pen! Here is her video

She's doing great and moving along so nicely it's almost hard to believe!!!


  1. She's looking very relaxed and happy:)

    Put those training tools on e-bay, a fortune is waiting to be made.
    Parelli, look out!
    kidding, people, kidding..

  2. oh what a great idea! I have a filly who needs the same thing. I may have to "steal" your idea.

    Cograts on your progress.

  3. Wow, I just caught up since my last reply/post... Soooooooo extremely glad that you weren't hurt any worse :) but like you said, it goes with riding the youngsters. LOL (I HOPE you DID get a helmet!)

    Anywho, love the leggens for Acacia, you are so inventive! The video was super, want more, more, more of the both of you! :)

  4. Good girl, Acacia! You're coming along nicely~
    like the little 'hula skirt' boots!

  5. Sat Joy my mustang "communicated" she didn't want to be tied in the barn for a few minutes after the lessons while I went to go get a lunch snack before we rode in the outdoor arena . She danced a little then suddenly reared back and actually struck my right thigh with her left front hoof! Joy weighs 1100 lbs at least and she did this move lightning fast but the touch was barely a tap(I had no bruise and I bruise easy) but 2 1/2 feet high is exactly where my granddaughter Lilly's head/face is so I freaked and went crazy on her. Slapped her chest with the end of the leadrope once NO! and backed her fast into the covered arena, lunged her both directions at the lope ( tiny circle on the lead rope)until I got a couple perfect whoa stops then tied her exactly where I started to tie her before and walked away to cool off. I heard her calling after me but I ignored her. I came back and rode an hour and put her up without my usual love pats and babytalk. Today she was all humble and lovy and perfect;mustangs are smart and different. I love the leggy things think my 1/2 arab mustang could be sporting some soon.