Tuesday, April 28, 2009


HA! Poor little Acacia! I'm always adding more chaos to her life! She was tortured more today! This time with a tarp dragging behind her and a giant yellow ball!!!! She was terrified of the ball at first, but then it just became another one of our "normal" activities!! She took it well, like she does with all of the weird crap I put her through! She has to look at, sniff it and then she's OK.

Then we went into the arena and she was ponied around for a bit, then I got on and she did OK, but she was nervous. Too much area for now. All we have is time though, we'll go back to riding in the round pen until she's fully comfortable and then we'll go back to the arena. I have nothing but time is how I feel. Slow and steady wins her race!


  1. Jeepers, that ball scares ME!
    Brave Acacia.

    Time is meaningless to horses, isnt'a?

  2. She's a good, smart girl, that Acacia. Looking at that yellow ball with one ear forward, one back. Always listening for scary little gnomes inside the ball or under the tarp!

    TrainerX, what Mustang Challenge are you taking her to?

    Albany or Sacramento or another? And when is it? I'd consider heading to OR if it's down there. Would love to watch the event.