Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Acacia was great again tonight! Nothing too exciting! She is walking and trotting like gem. She gets the neck reining idea and moves off my legs so nicely sometimes I wonder if I've died and gone to heaven. BUT! Stupid things still distract her. Like I was riding tonight and quite a few people were standing around the round pen watching and a NEW person came up with a white bucket and that's all she could fixate on... It's time to get her out and about I'd say. Start taking her to some new places and do some ground work exercises with while keeping her focused on me... She's not spooky, just a looky loo and I'm not so sure that'll work out too well in Sacramento!! LMAO!!!


  1. Yup, time to show her the world:)

  2. Nothing like being at a show and having your horse stop to gab at the fence with "new" friends... LOL

    I have an arab just like that :)

    36 & Single

  3. I bet once she gets used to the idea that new things are not scary she'll be fine. What a good mare she is!

    My horse once decided he had an itch in the show ring. So he conks himself around and pulls up a HIND leg to scratch behind his ears!!! With me in the middle!! Everyone on the rail (including the judge) was laughing.