Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So tonight I went out to see Acacia and I'm still tired and weak ugh! But, she did not regress much at all!! And that made me feel wonderful!! I was able to walk up to her and lead her and touch and the whole nine yards. PHEW!! She is a smart cookie!! Although today was an excellent test on how much she is OK with me as she spooked and got away from me and went to join the other horses and I had NO problems catching her, having her regroup and us going back to the routine!!!!

I'm so very proud of her!! I really have taken a liking to her and her great attitude!!!!!


  1. Mustangs are amazing creatures. I made so many stupid mistakes with Joy but despite it all she turned out fine because she is a thinker and she basically really likes people. I wish you could have trained her mom. I met her once and thought she was stunning. I sucked in my breath at the sight of her. Then the BO cackled and said I bet you hope your fily will look like the stud. Mustang Sally wasn't pretty but she was dramatic. Joy is a small bay with a soft kind eye while her mom was much bigger, jet black and powerful. She was dumped on a paint farm as a broodmare when her adopter gave up on ever training her. She seemed mythic with the look of eagles in her eyes. Not hard but intense like the thousand yard stare where mortals are insignificant she hears a higher call that is far away. The one day I got to see her I regret I didn't get a picture.
    The black mare was the one who had run wild in Nevada, Joy was born in the catch pen. The last two times I rode in the owyhees there was a black mare with two hind socks and a blaze that reminds me of her but with some chrome. That mare has a foal but she is so protective she always keeps herself between us and it and I only see the extra littler legs.

  2. Awwww............ I knew she would not forget, she is a smart little girl!!!! Take it easy and get well soon.

  3. Phew!!

    You must have started her off right, kiddo..

    Great Job!

  4. Awesome! Great news, TX! I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is such a drag... I was out for about half of March with a nasty case of the flu, and I tell ya, the hardest part was not being able to work with my horse because I felt so awful.

  5. I met two mares yesterday who are also Extreme Mustang Makeover candidates. I admire you all trainers , and for your own taking on this project with Acacia. I wish you well, and look forward to your updates!

  6. so r you still working with the horse or what? we are all eager to hear about how she is doing.