Thursday, April 16, 2009

More and More

Everyday she becomes more of a BADASS!!! Tonight she was round penned then I got on and S&D's hubby still had a hold of her, THANK GOD, because she hit the mounting block with her back legs and it was bronc fest, somehow I managed to stay on and the hubby was able to get her under control LOL! Then he unclipped her lead rope and we were off, BEAUTIFULLY! Both ways, turns, stops, is an amazing mare!!!! I'm so beyond pleased with her progress....


  1. She's a rock star. I'm amazed at how quickly and comfortably she's coming along! Keep up the good work.

  2. she lloks so happy and relaxed! GORGEOUS round pen btw, I would trade my pipe panels for wood anyday!

  3. Super skills staying on the rodeo she gave you right off the bat! Impressed!!
    So, trail ride this weekend with the two newbies Acacia & Baby D?? (yeah, right!)LOL

  4. YeeHaw:) Good job to stick to it. Has she dropped a bit of weight? Or are my eyes worse than I thought?
    I love my laptop screen, I DO. Just wish it was a LittlE

    Pretty, pretty mare.
    Keep your shoulders back.
    sorry, I can't HELP it.
    I KNOW she just did a few realignments:)

    four days forward!:)
    How's her gaits?
    details kiddo, c'mon, blurt!