Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Holy CRAP!!! Ground Driving was not her favorite task!!! LMFAO!!!! She HATED the feeling of the ropes around her legs and rump. Then she'd get going so much and spin around that the rope ended up under her tail! Then she was even angrier!! LOL!!! She finally settled down and we accomplished our mission, but holy smokes talk about a BRONC!!!! The key however is to NOT give up or get scared. Not until the goal is met and my goal was for her to just be settled and easy while ground driving. She aced it in the end... but boy it was questionable LOL!!!


  1. Wow, is what she was probably thinkin', too:)

    Holy crap, what is THAT??
    Cougars, on my butt??

    Great job, TrexX.

    I love the look of this girl.

  2. LOL shes got quite a buck:)
    Glad to hear things are going well, in their own way!
    Im excited for you!

  3. Where is the link to the video I took last night?? That was AWESOME! I love how she quieted right down once she realized the ropes weren't going to hurt her.
    She's coming along great TX, your doing an awesome job with her...

  4. haha language alert. I'm home for Easter and played that in my parent's living room, lol.

  5. OH SHOOT! Sorry I forgot about that!!! LOL!

  6. Now that's a buck! Strong work on helping her to calm down after this little blowout. She's a pretty little girl. Always had a soft spot for the bays.
    Keep up the good work~