Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ground Work fun!!

So being as though I'm still in a bit of soreness from our little boo boo yesterday, I figured today was a good day for some ground work fun! With tarps, and barrels and whatever I could use to annoy her. Oh and a tiny little bridge... And then I combined a lot of it just to be super annoying... It was great she did amazing and they were good lessons. A lot of distractions yet she had to remain focused on her handler at ALL times... She did a tremendous job! And she is so beyond damn cute!!! She got an A+ for her efforts today.... Here is a few pics!!


  1. Hah, it looks like she likes wearing a tarp..

    Finally, Royal Robes for the Queen Mustang Acacia!

  2. She looks so annoyed in that second picture hahaha.

    Hope you're doing okay!

  3. Well, that looks like some safe fun! Feel better soon.

  4. Them mustangs are scary ya know...snork! She's coming along fast. Kudos to you!