Saturday, March 21, 2009


So yesterday it was cold and nasty and poor Acacia was shivering, so something HAD to be done. She had to be led into a stall. Never being led before I still had one rope around her neck and the lead as my just in cases. All gates were shut and I had to move her throw a labyrinth of things she'd never seen before.

It was a cake walk. I couldn't believe it. She would walk and take all her steps with me but if I got too far ahead of her then she's stop, wait for me to back up, shove her nose in my shoulder for protection and we'd walk on.... We also had to rinse her legs off as it was just too muddy and she actually LOVED the water!!! She loves her stall too. She settled right in munching her hay and relaxing finally.

Her welcome wagon to Seattle so far has been nothing but poor pissing rain, wind, sleet, and hail. And her outside shelter just wasn't cutting the mustard. So happily she is snug as a bug in a rug in her stall!! More pics to come on Monday!!!!!


  1. T.X.,
    Sweet indeed . . I am digging your posts and the great beginning you & Acacia have had . . . very cool.

  2. Congrats! I guess that is something most of us take for granted....being able to lead our horses anywhere we want when we buy them!

  3. What a smart girl she is, TrexX!

    Good thing she has you!

  4. Wow - what wonderful news! She is trusting you and looking to you for leadership. Awesome.

  5. Now that is one smart cookie! Betcha wind up buying her....;) She is such a star, and I love her name. I love your blog. Too many people are scared to death of untrained, clean minded horses and don't realize what a joy it can be to not have to fix anything. I've found that an unscrewed up horse of any age is pretty easy. They just suck up the training like a sponge!

  6. SOunds like the 2 of you are really starting to get a good relationship happening!
    I agree with Kestrel. It's amazing getting to deal with a horse who hasn't had anything happen to them! It is so much more rewarding and easy to help each other learn than it is to undo what the horse has learned, and attempt to tell them that their way isn't always right.

    Going great

  7. I just needed to let you know how much I'm enjoying reading about you and Acacia. Always gives me a little bright point in my day, reading about what was worked on that day. Good Luck!