Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Disaster

So I am back and so thankful!! OK, let's start at the beginning of Friday which was our in hand. Acacia ROCKED IT! The only thing she didn't do was trot around the cones. LMAO! Lazy girl. She nailed everything else beautiful though. The trailer, she ground tied, we nailed every obstacle! I was so proud of her! Then we lined up in front of the judges, one of which was Ken McNabb!!! And they scored her body conditioning. So we wait for the scores to come out and she has almost perfect scores in everything except the trotting and her Body conditioning they thought she was too trim. Well, compared to the other horses she was quite lean. I was pretty upset so I ended up talking to the BLM people about it and they reassured me that ALL the mustangs from the 3 Sisters area are lean and trim. But, still it was disappointing. I also talked to and met all the other trainers (I'm a social butterfly) and I asked them how there mares were to break. Their answer? EASY!! I was thinking "COME ON! Mine was tough! She was a spitfire! A bucker, rearer, striker, it took us a week and half to gentle her LMAO" And the other trainers are saying "Oh I was on her back in 3 days LMFAO!!! Oh Well, it's the luck of the draw. They all agreed and joked with me about having the "tough one." She was also the only 3 Sisters mustang their so I had no one else to compare her with.

On Saturday, we were second to go in the ring for the riding portion and a minute before I'm to go in the officials tell me that my hackamore is SEVERELY Discouraged. They say they do NOT like mechanical hackamores, so I try to explain to them that it is an "S" hackamore, not a mechanical and apparently it doesn't matter. So I take off her bridle and end up riding her in her halter. She did fine, but I refused to canter in the course. I had my reins snapped to the halter and her lead rope still attached too. It was way too dangerous to go cantering around in, I was worried that the snaps were going to pop off the rope halter. *Sigh* it was a tough decision but it had to be done. IT also blew my "At best" routine because I couldn't run her around at the lope... She did well all things considering. The judges and the BLM Heads were BEYOND impressed that I sacrificed my run to ride her in a halter... They also ALL came up to me and told me they felt that Acacia had THE best ground manners and training out of all the horses...

IT was no surprise we didn't make it into the top 10, it was sad, but I wasn't going to her or myself hurt by trying to win, by running around in a halter. LOL!

So before the finals they paraded us around the ring and introduced us to the crowd and freaking JOHN LYONS was there. I got to meet, talk to him, shake his hand EVERYTHING! Dream come true! All the horses in the finals did AMAZING!!!! IT was so fun and such an amazing experience to be apart of of. I feel as though I really made some lasting friends as EVERY TRAINER was super nice, down to earth and there for the same goal!!!!!
Auction time I was number 20 to go, a super sweet family adopted Acacia and I couldn't be happier. Though I was sad to know that I wouldn't see her again, the family was PERFECT for her!!!! All in all I will be doing this again. It was the rush of a lifetime! And I've also learned what I will do different for next time. I also have lots more pictured I'll be posting up here too!!
Time for BIG Thanks!!! To S&D who did Acacia's FAMOUS mane and tail. (The EMM photographer LOVED us! Everyone was coming up to us and commenting on her mane and tail, including all the judges and the BLM!) To Mr. S&D for driving to and from safely, To my family I love you all more than anything, Thank you for beleiving in us! To J I love you. And Acacia, I will love you for the rest of my life. Please never forget me as I will cherish you forever!!!

OK, here is some disturbing news. SOMEONE or Someones, complained to the BLM about this blog. I found that to be a backbiting, shady and cruel thing to do. I posted about Acacia and our experiences exactly as they happened. I wanted everyone to feel as though they were standing beside us through all of our trials. It was obviously someone who has read it and has a chip on their shoulder or likes to cause trouble and not another trainer. I opened up all of our wins and losses and the fact that I heard that from the BLM was extremely distressing. THANKFULLY, the BLM, said they have people ALL the time at these events that will complain about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for no reason, but it was NOT a good end to an already rough and emotional weekend.


  1. Yay for Acacia and yay for you! Kinda sad that she couldn't come home with you, but hopefully her new family will let you keep in touch. You did a wonderful job with her.

    As for the complainer, fuck em. You'll always have complaining assholes, don't let them get to you. It obviously sounds like the BLM had no objections to you writing this blog.

    Again, congrats, Trainer X. I'm sure Acacia will always remember you.


  2. Oh, TrainerX!
    What a story.
    Kudos to you, what a great honest job you did, and yup, someone was just jealous, eh?

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. For Acacia.

    Hugs, kiddo. You do sound exhausted.
    kestrel's away, she'll be back soon, I hope. She'll be sorry to have missed this!
    We're so proud of ya!!

  4. Well done to both you and Acacia. Glad she went somewhere nice. You've given her a better future that she would have had as a wild mustang or as a trick horse! lol!

    So what was there to complain about? You didn't cheat, hurt the horse or sway judges opinions by blogging about Acacia, so what was that all about? Sorry, just have to be nosy ;)

  5. The first initial of the idiot complainer wasn't "P" was it? I wonder.

  6. I don't see why anyone would want to complain about a blog that tells them exactly what you did. It's not abuse, it's not cheating, and it's not harmful. If they didn't like the blog they didn't have to read it! It's probably just someone that came in a lower placing than you and just wants to see if they can get you DQ'd so they can move up a spot.

    If the complainer is reading this...go put your thumb up your butt and go ride your horse. :)

  7. Congrats on everything trainer X, I know you will miss Acacia, but what an experience of a lifetime. I hope her new owners will keep in touch with you and send you updates along with pictures :)

    *Don't let the obviously jealous idiots get to you... I appreciated and enjoyed Acacia's blog and had fun following the ups and downs which goes right along starting any equine!

    Thanks again Trainer X ;-)

  8. Congrats! I am so glad that she went to a good home :)
    I think the fact that you rode her without a halter was a GREAT testament to your riding and training ability.
    PLUS the trials you went through (being sick and hurt). it is too bad that someone had to marr the experience by being a Dink, but there is always "that guy" who has to taint things.

    I can't wait for the next experience!

  9. Is that a Hilason Treeless I see? :)

    Sorry to hear things were bumpy and I concur about not letting the jealous idiots get to you. If BLM truly checked out this blog I'm sure they'd be more impressed than apalled. I mean seriously, Acacia gave you a run for your money and she still basically topped the horses there.

    Wish I could experience this as you have (the competition in general)

  10. Thank you all for your kind words!! It was a blast despite everything that happened. Next time will be much better! :) And yes, it is a Hilason LMAO!!!!

  11. Been reading this blog right from the get-go, congrats on a job well done Trainer X!

  12. WHOOO!!!! go Acacia!!!......and trainer X ;)
    if you think about it, this was your first time, and you smoked them :)
    good job!! expect to see you there next year :D

  13. Hilason's are amazing :) Good choice in saddle, not as good as a Bob Marshall, but they get the job done!

  14. Trainer X, you and Acacia did a job beyond exceptional! Here's to you for loving her first, so a nice family could love her forever.


    (wondering why someone would report your blog; isn't alright to tell your story?)

  15. Congratulations on your ride and I'm glad to hear she went to a good home!

    Yeah, I can't see a problem to you posting about your experience and I can't see a single thing on here the BLM should have any issue with.

  16. Congrats Trainer X!

    I wouldn't have worried about the body conditioning score...Acacia was at a good weight and in great shape. Sometimes people just do not understand. I get comments all the time that our dog is too skinny - she's lean and very fit. People who know what they are talking about, including our vet, instead commend us on how good she looks, that she's at the perfect weight. It's just how the world works sometimes.

    Too bad about the blog complaints...I wonder what they'd have to complain about, even?? Oh well, don't let it get to you.

    Good job, glad to hear Acacia went to a good home!