Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Pics

I just got an email today from the Professional photographer, Charles Brooks Photgraphy. Here are a few of my faves!!! Acacia is so gorgeous!!!!


  1. Oh, Trex, they are gorgeous, what a beautiful shot of the two of you, how much she loved you!


  2. I can't see where the people thought she was too thin. She really tapers up into the flank but that is just her build. I think she looks nice and trim.

  3. Just got back from the trip, and just had to drop in to tell you how proud of you and Acacia I am! Wow, what a journey. Sadly enough, too many people are used to overweight halter horses and don't recognize a fit horse with a lean natural build when they see it. My sister and I are the true example...she eats like a horse and stays skinny, I have to muzzle myself! Sigh, so not fair...

  4. Great pictures! You both look very lovely :)
    Acacia's weight looks lean, but fine to me. I actually don't believe that you could have safely put more weight on her the short time that you had her. You had her to train, not just pump the feed into her (Good grief) and if you had thrown the feed to her, it probably would have hyped her up into an animal that would not have been able focus on being trained at all :-/

    Love her mane by the way, very pretty!

  5. We bought " ACACIA OUR LOVE " She minds her own business she loves to eat and studys everything around her. we also have 8 more Mustangs that could use some good training from Stephani she did such a great job with Acacia...We still haven't put the rest of our busy bodys in with her yet they all think they are all the boss we really have had very good luck with all of our horses.There is nothing like a Mustang horse they are the greatest horse once they trust you you have it made with them. Stephani did a grest job''''' my hat goese off to her in 90 days the trust she showed ACACIA We can not wait to see her so ACACIA can start training again. Thanks again Stephani and she is not to skinny she looks great....

  6. Sharrol it would be cool if you had a blog :-) Then we could read about your life with Acacia! I can't wait to hear more when she goes back into training!