Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Weekend!!!!!!

Acacia is on a roll, she has her W/T/C down with ease. She is side passing and turning much better, she even knows her flying lead changes! PHEW! How did it get fixed??? Well we had to take a few steps back first. I needed to gain her respect, I mean REAL respect from the ground up. That was done by lunging her both ways, making her back up on cue, staying out of my space and moving all 4 corners of her body when they were asked to moved. Then once it was time to ride it was all about making her supple in her neck and making her do A LOT of rollbacks, always keeping her going. Although there were a few bronco protesting moments when asked to accelerate, she figured out that it wasn't going to work anymore. Forward was her only release from the pressure. And it worked like a charm. Big thanks to J.R. and Chance!!!


  1. that is great! :) good work!!! any new pics?

  2. It's all there! Great horse, great trainer.

  3. glad you got the canter down pat :D