Thursday, June 4, 2009


It was over 90 degrees here today and man it was humid too! Ugh, I'm so beyond drained from all of this and Acacia's feeling it. I'm running out of time and she is still pulling her stopping crap and it's just getting to me. Relaxing isn't something I'm good at, but I try and stay relaxed and try to make our lessons fun, but I just don't think she's having fun... She's being ridden in a hackamore and I barely tap her with the crop I just want FORWARD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm going crazy!!! I know I've done the best I can with the time we've had, because I'm SURE the other trainers have gone through this rebellious mustang phase LOL!!!!! Anywho...

The great thing about today was the vet came out to get us our health certificate and he's a hard man to please!! He LOVED HER!!!! We were shocked! He said has NEVER found a mustang he has ever liked except her! He said her conformation was AMAZING and I should take a picture of it LMFAO! I felt quite a gush of pride, especially when he commented on how well her ground manners were and how well she accepted new things! I just couldn't believe it. I wanted him to put that stuff in writing!!! He also said she has been the first horse out of the last 5,000 that he was really impressed with and she is a mustang to boot! WAHOOO for mustangs everywhere!!!


  1. YEAH! I love your vet. ps the first time I tried John Lyons pester her lightly but constantly till she discovers she must move forward herself trick with Joy I was totally embarrassed. Joy is gaited and "gated" ( meaning she likes to stop at the gate) as well. We made one loop of the arena with the local barn cowboys watching ( I know what's coming and I am dreading it)and bam! complete stop at the gate. I start tapping with both heels and they start offering suggestions, bats, spurs, 2x4, let me throw something and make her move, let me get on and make her move..ect. three false starts of one step then quit, back to tapping ( going backwards and flipping her head Acacia style as the mood struck her)40+ minutes later she lets out a big sigh and walks on past the gate . The cowboys are still watching since we were the funniest show in town. One cowboy's horse was lame and the other man was recovering from knee replacement. Here comes the gate again, dead stop of course so I start tapping again. No head flips or backing up his time. 4or 5 minutes later she walks on like ( yeah thats what I wanted to do) Third time she slows and I squeeze her a little ( I did the previous time as well) but this time she responds and doesn't exactly speed up but doesn't stop. The two cowboys go ahead and leave because the show is over.

  2. Jeeesh, if it's so hot?

    maybe ride in the early morning wee hours when it's cooler?

    It's not hot here.
    Lucky you!!
    We're still in sweaters and long undies..

  3. I think she might be getting a little arena sour, RWJ has the right attitude, and I'd just insist she move forward in the arena then take her outside, then back in the arena to really reinforce the go forward aids. Back to clarify the one point, and it'll all come together, so work on... forward and forward only for the lesson of the day.
    I have some bright kids who would refuse to do their homework because "if I ace the test why do I have to keep re-proving that I know it?" I did have to agree with them a bit!
    She's an amazing girl though. If a horse is going to rebel a bit I'd sure pick her refusal to go over the alternatives...I'm sure she's wondering 'why are we working at dumb stuff at 90 degrees mom? We could be in that nice creek..!"

  4. It's way hot and everyone is feeling it, I think. I got to the barn yesterday evening (before it got so windy) and all the horses were totally drained! Hang in there :)