Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have a MULE!!!

So Acacia has decided that she is done with all of it. And to prove it, she has decided to started throwing her head down as if she's going to buck. I smack her behind my leg with my crop to encourage her to go forward and she throws her head down more, or tries to flip it up. Now to me, threatening to buck or rear is as good as rearing or bucking itself. So I have to nip that crap in the bud.
So yesterday I throw my English saddle on her thinking OK, if she does buck I won't have anything to really get caught on so we try that. She STILL is tossing her head around and threatening me. She won't step out forward she is just being a spaz! Now let's keep ion mind that the bit I'm using is RUBBER 100% pure rubber, if a horse chomped hard enough they could probably break it. She does the same thing in my Bosal too.

OK, on to today, I give her the benefit of the doubt and try riding her with out gadgets and she starts up again. Everytime I ask her for a trot she flips her head around or throws it down. So, I took away her damn head, and I loved it!!!! I rigged it up so everytime she threw her head down she hit herself in the mouth. For the first time I had a BLAST riding her. It was so chaotic and such a battle, but damn it was fun. She would side pass, and back up and stop immediately, not because I was asking her too, but because she was so pissed I took her head away. Too bad baby but I'm not going to get hurt this close to competition, you want to throw your head around then you don't get it!!!! I would have her walk forward and suddenly she'd stop and try to turn around or do anything to evade going forward. I swear it was a Battle Royale today just to get her to move and damn I had fun. It was challenging and it reminded me of why I love training.

I was in no mood to lose and neither was she, I would ask her trot and then smack her with the crop and she'd go then slam on her breaks again and we'd start all over with the battle of moving forward, I'd back her fast, or spin her around to use her own methods against her. She is just STUBBORN! She hasn't figured out that fighting me is harder than just working LOL!! So I use a little reverse psychology, she thinks she's going to back up or turn around to evade me, then I make her do it more. Ahhhhh we're a mess, but we're having fun!!!! I'm sure there are more little battles to come, but the war is far from over!!!! LOL!!


  1. Mare, mule, whatever.
    Maybe she's on the rag.


  2. HAHA!! She's as stubborn as a mule... but then again, SO ARE YOU!! She should know by now that you WILL WIN the battle of the wills, she's just gonna get a few spankings before it's over.
    For such a smart girl, she's being really dumb!

  3. She just figured out that she's going to have to work for a living...most good ones will hit that stage. Means they're smart enough to figure it out! Win this one and she's good for life, and I know you'll win. Heheheh! Wish I was there to watch the battle, Godzilla meets Mothra...popcorn anyone?!

  4. Oh, and almost forgot to mention, she's been working hard and probably has some achy muscles. If you get her to a good place to quit for the day a good massage might help adjust her attitude...

  5. LMAO!! Yeah I figured we've just hit a roadblock. We'll get through it, It's hot out and we're both crabby LOL!

  6. She gets more like Joy everyday. Monday I came to ride just as some lessons were starting. She tried to go into the indoor arena like usual but I took her to the outside arena. Balk,pin ears, be a butthead and when I still made her work she began to stumble just a little. Since I just did my first ever HPT trim on her myself I was worried ( she so has my number) so we went to the indoor ring when the next lesson started. Amazing the stumbly horse out in the groomed outdoor arena suddenly was all nimble and perfect in the chopped up little indoor arena. We were even pole bending through the roughest stuff at an exended trot and NO TRIPS. Mustang psychology; it isn't for wimps.