Monday, June 1, 2009

Mani Pedi!!!!

This weekend Acacia got her first trim and I'll be damned if she wasn't better than most of our other horses LOL!! She really didn't care, she didn't test, push, get scared, nothing. My shoer was a little tired after he did her though, because her feet are so strong and tough. He was very impressed by how she did so well and complimented my work on her. UGH if he only knew the half of it.

So we are a week and half away from going and I'm in meltdown phase. It's hot here and I'm irritable because we are so not where we should be. We're so far behind and the stress in getting to me. An almost complete mustang is NOT how I wanted to be represented. I'm well aware of my talents in training, but I hate the fact that I am a month down from everyone else and guess what? The judges aren't going to give a crap either! They will not care I had pneumonia, and that I got tossed into a wall.

She does so much RIGHT I just need to her to canter now. She's so lazy that's it's hard to get her there. She'll take a few strides than break down. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I don't even know what to feel anymore. I'm doing the best I can but, damn. This has not played out how it was supposed to and I'm feeling the heat. Mostly the heat of my own brain. The pressure I put on myself!

Although I've just had a thought on what to do. Tomorrow I'm going to take her on a trail ride and get her cantering up some hills. Get her more comfortable with it. Steady and Strong.

Here's our strengths. In hand she's a dream. Her condition is beautiful! She walks and trots LOVELY! Neck reins, spins on her hind end, almost side passes. She'll follow me anywhere!!! So we're A-OK there. OK, OK, I'm calmer now. We can only do the best we can at this point. Ugh, if I blow this, be SURE there will be a NEXT time LOL!!!!! I won't go down like that!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Thanks guys, for your support, listening and advice!!!!! I love you all! My friends, family, my J, S&D and Mr. S&D. Mom, Dad, bro. I know I'm making you all nuts, but this wouldn't have happened without all of your help!!!


  1. Eaaaaasy, now, TrainerX, eaaasy now;)

    You'll do great.
    Trust yourself. No pressure.
    There is NO pressure.

    Just you and your mare.

    aaaaaaahhhhhh, feel it?
    Start chanting or meditating;)
    Acacia is awesome, thanks to you.
    Say it aGain...

  2. you have been doing a great job. yeah there were hiccups, but thats life. just keep on truckin'

    question, do the mustangs go up for sale at the end of the contest?

  3. hi
    i know you already picked a picture, but i just really wanted to make one, you don't have to use it. i just wanted to show you.

    hope you like it!! paige

  4. Trick for hard feet: soak in mud or water (whichever is availalbe) for like half and hour before the trim. It makes a huge difference!

  5. Half halt Trex! (giggle!)
    Don't worry a bit. You have a sweet girl there, and you'll be amazed at how well you both will do. The other trainers are having issues themselves you know. Some of them are dealing with hard headed horses, illness, injuries, you name it, and they're just as worried as you are!
    All you have left is the canter, and you'll have that figured right out in a couple of days. You've created the finest mind and work ethic in Acacia. She likes her job! That'll get you through anything.

  6. Paige! It's AWESOME!!! I'll use it for my poster board!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  7. Oh and I LOOOOVE All of you *hugs* Thanks guys :)

  8. *hugs Trex*
    Now take some deep breaths in and out.
    There we go. You're doing awesome and Acacia is going to be a awesome horse no matter what.

  9. I've been following Acacia and you from the guys are doing great. I've sat similarly to where you sit now too...and as much as we fuss and worry, whatever happens it always works out in the end. So deep breath (repeat x2) ;P

  10. Joy has always not liked to canter, her gait of choice when I push her for speed is a true pace. She can go wicked fast when she hits that top gear in it. Now that I have new chromium hips it is much easier to ride. Good luck chasing cows, cantering uphill and catching up to her buddy horse on the trail is when I can get a canter without a big fuss.

  11. Okay, I'm dyin' is the canter going?!

  12. why thank you!!
    can't resist a challenge ;)