Thursday, May 28, 2009

Go Please

So I rode Acacia tonight and I've started to notice that she is by far, one lazy pony LOL! I always free lunge in the arena before I get on her to gauge her mood and she just jogs around then I get on her and ask her to trot and she does it very half hearted LOL! She has turned into a really nice, mellow, lazy, calm mare! Not a completely bad thing, but it would be nice if she'd move out. Plus she has such a little compact body that it's hard to get my legs on her. So tomorrow I'm going to use bumper spurs and see if that helps! Lazy bones pony!!!! I guess that is much better than a crazy one!!!


  1. Hey, I have an idea. Find a dog to chase:)

    Just kidding..
    sort of;)

  2. Haha lazy is so definitely better than reactive, though I have to admit I prefer the reactive ones in the long run - they're usually more sensitive/responsive and such.

    Good work on Acacia, they need one of those Mustang Makeovers here in Canada!! Sucks that you missed out on a month, but you're doing your best with the time you've got, and that's all you can really do.

    I have a suggestion for the lazy part though, take it or leave it. What I do to work on impulsion is I'll select specific points in the arena (usually letters), and ride the horse to each point, stop, rest, then move on to the next point. Doing a predictable pattern (ie. riding from one point to another) and resting seems to help motivate them, because they know they can rest in a minute. When I ask them to move out to the next point though, I expect them to move out NOW. I increase my phases quickly (cluck and squeeze with all four cheeks, squeeze with my legs, slap myself with the end of my hackamore rope, then move down to tap their hind), which encourages them to move out fast but allows them the opportunity to move out when I first ask nicely, at the lowest phase of pressure. When we get to the next point, we stop EXACTLY on that point (or we'll come back to it, etc) to rest. I find it works like a charm ;P Just thought I'd throw it out there though as something to perhaps try if you were interested :)

  3. Acacia sounds more and more like Joy's soul sister. Joy hates the stupid arena unless she has a job to do. Now we that are hazing back steers I have that elusive canter depart coming automatically. Got to love a mustang.