Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Trotter...

OK 1:30 AM, last update! It's HERE! The cafepress for Acacia! Shirts, magnets and more! All the money will go towards her and our trip to Sacramento! The link is on the right hand side at the top :)

OMG! Update at 12:45 AM Look at my new header! This is ALL thanks to WAZOO! It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I'm going to put image on shirts on cafepress. WOW!!!!! Wazoo you are my computer, photo making, genius HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always Acacia was a great girl, she really has her trot down pat and it will only be a day or two more before we canter. We've cantered a couple times before, and she's fast. It's more of a grab your horn, green horse gallop. LOL!!! She's amazing and handles things better than almost every other horse at the barn. She stands, loads, ties, is quiet, responsive, just WOW! She'll do just about anything I will ask her too, with little to no hesitation. I'm so lucky for her.

Again I figured we'd be A LOT farther along by now, but S&D keeps reminding me that I can't fight the fact that I basically have only worked with her for 2 months. Being as though I was sick and injured for a total of about a month during this competition. *Sigh* Everyone at the barn is so beyond impressed with my talents, yet I'm my own worst critic and am so damn hard on myself. I just need to use the time I have left, which is 17 days and pull it together. Ahhh I'm grateful to have S&D in my life as she mellows me out and brings me back down to earth when I'm going ballistic. LOL!!! And a Huge Thank you and to all of you for being so supportive and awesome as well. I'm grateful for all you and Acacia too.


  1. First!! HAH!

    Listen to S&D. She's right. Take it easy on yourself! You've down an incredible job.
    Gentle half-halts, kiddo.

    Got any hills around you?
    Might be easier cantering up a hill...
    Slows them down, anyhoo.

    3 cheers for Wazzooo! Acacia Art is fabulous.

  2. You are so very right GoLightly she needs to listen for once to S&D.. She's way to hard on herself.. Really love how the site looks~!

  3. You go, TX! I had somehow had it down in my mind that you were showing Acacia a different Mustange Makeover, but I'm beyond thrilled that it's the one at the Western States Horse Expo. I'm planning on going down there with a group of my horsey friends, and I'm looking forward to seeing Acacia's big day :) I'm sure you two will do great!

  4. Acacia's a beauty, and you have to remember that you're one of the very few competitors that will be riding a horse that loves it's job.
    The lost time may have slowed down the polish, but it sure has speeded up the bonding and trust. She'll pull through for you fabulously, I have faith in you two!