Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Running Wild!

So one of my very closest friends is in a drill team and they all ride at a local farm and they are CHAOTIC RIDERS!!! LMFAO! Loud music, whistles blowing, horses going every which way you could EVER thinking of and they're doing it at Mach 10!! Dust flying and hooves-a-pounding!

So what a terribly SCARY place to bring Acacia too! They are running their drills and running at us and does Acacia care???? NO! Her comrade Sugar was pretty nervous, but Acacia was as cool as could be! Once they were done my friend even ponied her around the arena! She has never seen this place before and she was as slick as could be! I have never been so proud! She would watch and look at the riders then get bored and try to get treats out of my pocket. LOL!!! We were there for about an hour and half and she was bored by the first half hour!! She is so willing and kind and trusting it blows my mind!! I was more than speechless, I couldn't believe how well she reacted to the whole scene!!

1 comment:

  1. Clever Mare!

    yay for Acacia!

    Mustangs have good sense, eh?
    WTF, Silly people, she's thinking....