Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So tonight, because our weather is so dang nasty up here right now the only way we can work is in the indoor arena. Well last time Acacia was being quite snotty about being in there. Today she had Diamond, S&D's mare to at least follow around. And the girls did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acacia started out following Diamond in the "BIG, SCARY" arena and even went off on her own when I asked her too. It was windy and the doors are clanging and banging, horses are running back and forth in their paddocks and the girls were GREAT!!! She was very responsive and quite well behaved! They both were!! They went both directions, sometimes with each other, sometimes with out.

The thing with Acacia is when she is irritated she chomps her bit and backs up LMAO! It was really un-nerving at first because she would just chomp and back up and toss her head a bit, I quickly have learned that it means "HEY! Lady on my back, let's DO something!!!" LOL!!! Ahhhhh OK, that makes sense! So we keep the little girl moving and she does fine!!!!

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  1. They both did so AWESOME!! I am very proud of both our girls!! Our two green girls did better with the wind and noises than the older horses that rode before us :)
    Acacia amazes me everyday with her leaps and bounds in training! Before you know it, you'll be loping off into the sunset together :)