Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Need Some help!

We had another fab day!!!!!!!!! She was a peach today and was responding really well... She was very light in her aids and super on target today!!!

Hey anyone out there good with pictures on the computer? I want to use a few photos and some text to make a little collage'. I'd like to use it to open a little store for Acacia on cafepress.... HELP! Me and picture editor are not compatible friends LOL!!!!!!


  1. Let me know what you are looking for and I can email:

  2. My silence indicates my inability to be helpful, not my desire to be helpful:(

    What is that dohickey..


  3. Thats a really cool idea! I would never be able to do it though...I get too distracted by everything else!

  4. hi
    i know you already picked a picture, but i just really wanted to make one, you don't have to use it. i just wanted to show you.

    hope you like it!! paige