Monday, May 11, 2009


Ahhh I needed this tonight, it was perfect. I was working with my new horse Sole' and once I was finished with her it was time to work Acacia. S&D told me she wouldn't be around very late tonight because she had grocery shopping to do. No problem I'll lunge her and work her and put her away. Well, I got her all tacked up and we round penned, then she ran around the arena and I thought "Hey! Why Not???" I grabbed my helmet, turned on the radio and put the step stool next to her and got on and off once. Then I got on and we started to walk around the arena and do our exercises! By ourselves. It was an invigorating, confidence building, perfect lesson tonight. She had no crutch, no other horse to follow, and me? I had no one else to think about but me and AK. She was amazing, quiet, and 100% focused on me and I on her. She performed beautifully tonight... Oh it was wonderful!!!