Monday, May 18, 2009


Today Acacia became Naked!!! She was body shaved and wow it was a chore, but she was really calm and quiet through out the whole thing!!!!! I hate body clipping, but she made it easier by just standing quiet for me ever so patiently :) Then she went out on some nice grass, ans was buck wild by the time I tacked her up LOL. I think she was feeling really GOOD!!!!!! She looks great too, it really brings out her awesome black color :) She is so smooth and shiny now, I gave a quick bath to get rid of all the extra hair and skin flakes and WOW! Her body condition is looking really good too!


  1. Nice job, TX. That's such a chore, kudos to Acacia for putting up with it.
    You must have done it perfectly, for her to bear it so well.

    Pretty, shiny mare:)
    She must feel 30 pounds lighter..

  2. I love those hairless horses! She'll be show ready in no time.

  3. I feel like I am running into more and more people who clip in the late spring/summer. My mare is a little furry and getting hot when I ride her but I'm hesitant to mess up her coat by clipping so late in the season. Have you always clipped this late? Does her coat stay nice? Should I do my mare?

  4. What a pretty girl she is - I'll bet she felt *great* after that!