Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh geez, today was a MUCH better day. Acacia was by far more responsive and we trotted all over than dang place, changing directions and we would go from walk to halt to trot to halt and so on. I try to keep things interesting for her and me LOL! Ahhh Thanks for letting me vent yesterday, it was a bad day. I'm quite confident in my abilities and have to keep reminding myself of that. Ahhhh we all have good and bad days. BUT, back to her. She is a superstar and very willing, she learns fast and that is beyond thrilling to me!!!! We trotted over poles and did some side passing OH OH OH and she is REALLY good at turning on the haunches. It's beautiful, quick and smooth! OMG just a much better all around day!!!! I have to put the past behind me, I can't help the set backs we've had, I just need to look forward! :)

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  1. cheers!!!!

    Forward, onward:)

    It's tough to be positive everyday.
    Just makes life even more challenging:)

    Have a great day!