Monday, May 18, 2009

Anyone Can Ride ME!

Acacia was amazing this weekend!! Today she got a nice bath and I got a nice sunburn, she grazed for awhile and when it cooled off it was time to ride. I tacked her up as usual and we did or groundwork exercises and then S&D's hubby pipes up and says " I WANNA ride her!!!" Um... OK. So I scope her out, study her body language and relaxation level and say, "Hey, Why Not?? Come jump on!" She was mellow, relaxed and calm. So Mr. S&D hopped up there and Acacia was fantastic. He isn't a very experienced rider and has no balance, but she was calm and listened to his cues perfectly!!! After awhile in the Arena S&D opened up the arena doors and Mr. and Acacia went off walking along the roads. Since they stole my horse I finished up graining my other horses and when they got back all I saw was HUGE smiles! She actually babysat, Mr S&D and they did fabulous together! LOL! I couldn't help but to have a HUGE smile on my face when they got back! Past the alpacas, cars, people cleaning and throwing their rugs around, dogs and a new rider! She, I mean, you know what? I'm just elated!! Enough Said!!!


  1. WOOOOHOOOOO" Applause to both you and Acacia!!!! Seems she is a VERY SPECIAL little horse, the kind that really enjoys being with, and ridden by people :) So glad to see that Mr. S&D wore a helmet too ;-)
    Just wondering how much time you have remaining with her before the Mustang makeover?

  2. Ahh, it was a great walk! She didn't spook at all when Barn Owner threw a rug out of her camper door while cleaning or when the Llama's poked their head around the neighbor's trees!! It was hard however, to convince her to leave the belly high green grass on the side of the road :)
    Mr. S&D was SO delighted in being the first to "ride" (read - pony ride LOL) her outside of the arena. We stopped and visited with Barn Owner and she stood so patiently... I do NOT want to go to Sacramento and risk losing this little gem... June 12th is coming too quick!! SLOW IT DOWN!!! LOL


  3. Fabulous job! What a pretty girl she is...