Sunday, May 3, 2009

Turn and Burn

We had another fabulous busy weekend, Friday I round penned her and S&D got a nice action shot of her turning on her hindend. Acacia knows everything by voice commands now and that in it self is wuite a feat!!

S&D even rode her around a bit and they both did fabs!

Saturday we took Acacia, Sugar and Diamond to a nice trail for a walk and they were all soooo mellow. Not a thing bothered any of them, even when it started to down pour on us LOL! She loads great and is becoming more and more confident with every day we have together! Today she got the day off and I'm sure she was fine with that LOL


  1. She's really coming along! And FAST!! She's a great girl...

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  3. She's turning out so nice - thanks to your hard work! I had to laugh at the last picture, tho. It looks like she's thinking "Aw, you're not *really* going to take a picture of me with my hair like this, are you?" lol

    If you don't mind me asking, when is the Challenge, again?
    I really would like to try to go, but I only remember it's in Sacramento. My email is, if you get a chance to send me the info, I'd really appreciate it!

  4. Joy's been enjoying very light work last couple of weeks thanks to some really suckie work situations. Last riding lesson Saturday a couple kids were fighting over who could ride her. She got some attention when I went out to pay board tonight and she looks lonely, maybe Thursday after the next tow days of meetings I'll get to ride Acacia looks great. Makes me want to get Bonnie Braveheart 1/2 Mustang/Arab started but at the size I am I will stick to ground driving, maybe the cart this summer.