Friday, May 8, 2009


My mystery of miss cranky mare has been solved. She hates the bit. And rides like a dream come true in my bosal! No head tossing, ear pinning, chomping, nothing!! Ahhhhhhh she was amazing tonight!!! She did EVERYTHING I asked without missing a beat I'm on cloud 9! Not much else to say but that! In love, on my wild horsey, riding like a little champ!!!


  1. I love the look on her face in the lower photo, with one ear turned back towards you, one forward towards the photographer. She's listening to you. She looks like she really trusts you and wants to please you. Maybe she'll work harder than ever, now that she's accepted the bosal :)

    How'd she do with seeing her own shadow against the arena wall during this? Definitely a rare occasion this time of year in our part of the state ! Maybe the Extreme Mustang Makeover should should take that into consideration, these horses trained in western Washington.
    (Shadows can be soooo scary. I had a horse spook once, after a long winter of rain and gloom here. The first time he stepped out into the sunshine- I think he thought there was a creature in the grass -following him to eat him).

  2. Actually, if my friendly shadow suddenly developed a huge hump it'd scare me, too!
    Check out the Mylar comfort snaffle. A lot of horses have narrow lower jaws and a regular snaffle will teepee, pinch the tongue, or nutcracker. The CS has a barrel in the middle to hold it off the roof of the horse's mouth, and a curve to the bit that every horse I've introduced it to seems to find comfortable.

  3. Good girl!

    Acacia, you too:)

    scritches to both of ya.

  4. awww thats great! she is so adorable, i didn't expect her to just settle down so easily...i think they give mustangs a bad name. with the right training, i bet they'll be more reliable than a lot of horses

  5. I had a gelding that was just like that... ride him in a bit and he was the biggest pain the butt EVER. Put him in a bosal (or halter for that matter) and he was the best horse to ride... and kid friendly as well. Go figure.

    Never could figure out why. His teeth were great.

    36 & Single

  6. You might get your Vet out to check her teeth, she might have a wolf tooth interfering and causing her discomfort when bitted.