Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Beachy

So this weekend we took Acacia, Sugar and Diamond to the ocean for some super chaotic fun!! Being it's Memorial day weekend, it couldn't have been busier. There were a few minor spooks and jumps, but all in all talk about 3 AMAZING HORSES. We rode them all over the beach. No walls, no arena, no nothing, but wide open awesomeness!!!
There were dogs not on leashes, kites, kids, crunchy crab and seashells under their hooves. Crashing waves and new smells. Acacia was nervous at first when she came out of the trailer, but then we walked up the beach for a bit and I let her get used to everything and she LOVED the ocean water. There was no fear of that!!! Once I felt she was calm enough I hopped on and rode up and down the beach. WOW!!!!! We spent about a good 3.5 hours riding, walking, resting and enjoying our time!!!


  1. oooooooooohhhh, riding on the beach.

    Oooooh, lucky Acacia!

  2. oh thats awesome!Glad she had a great first experience! My parents actualy took my 2 most well trained horses for a weekend away and a beach ride. They said my poor horses were TERRIFIED of the ocean/waves. Looks like i will be hitting the beach a lot this summer.

  3. What a fun day we had... We couldn't have asked for better behavior from the girls all day long, no trailer loading issues, no fussyness in the trailer, and they all stood patiently while we ate dinner
    Nice pics by the way :)